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Bradley: Hewitt’s Future May Ride on Next 5 games

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Mark Bradley: 5 UGA-Tech hoops observations: Favors, Fox and Hewitt |

The money quote:

5. Hewitt has worked against three Georgia coaches without building a winning record against any of them. He was 1-2 against Jim Harrick and 3-3 against Dennis Felton;  he’s 0-1 against Fox. Hewitt has twice taken ranked teams to Athens and lost to the unranked Bulldogs. The frustration level in the Tech community seems at an all-time high, and the next five games — opponents: Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, Clemson and Florida State — could well determine not just the course of this season but the path of Hewitt’s future.

I doubt Bradley really has the inside track and really knows what the hell Georgia Tech plans to do.  Even still, I’d find it hard to believe that Georgia Tech will place a disproportionate amount of their decision-making with respect to their coaching personnel on the 5 games up coming.  As they shouldn’t.  More a testament as to how frustrated the fan base is.

One thing: rightfully so.

That was actually Bradley’s second column/blog on the rivalry game of the day.  The previous came nearly immediately after the embarrassing defeat.  It was entitled: “UGA wins a shocker, but should we really be so shocked? |”. This one was more of a game story slash pissing contest than one of Bradley’s usual 5 points with brief commentary, but was easily palatable none the less.

The money quotes:

The Bulldogs have one player (Trey Thompkins) who would make the Jackets’ 10-man rotation.  Mark Fox is doing brilliant things with this undermanned team. And Hewitt … well, he’s not looking so brilliant.


You kept waiting, as is always the case with the Jackets, for talent to have its way, but talent, as is often the case with these Jackets, meant little without direction.


I hate to keep harping on coaching — really I do — but if you’re ranked 20th in the land and you can’t handle the team picked to finish last in the SEC East, what does that say about the man at the top?


[Tech is] young on the perimeter, sure. But they act even younger.


But say this for the Bulldogs: They know who they are and how they have to play, and they keep doing it. “We have limitations,” Fox said, “but we know what they are.” Contrast this with Tech, which has assets almost everywhere but doesn’t seem to know where to turn.

Mark Bradley is a master at re-hashing talking points.  Though I think it tells us something that these are the talking points.  I’m just not sure what, yet.


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