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Hewitt: It’s Wide Open (via ESPN’s Andy Katz)

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ESPN’s Andy Katz has a piece out entitled Georgia Tech now faces tough ACC road

The basic premise is the Jackets’ schedule is so strenuous they’ll pick up some steam in the power rankings and cruise into the NCAA tournament. Not completely wrong, but theory doesn’t always equal practice with the Yellow Jackets.

Some snips:

The Yellow Jackets are the only team in the ACC this season that plays Duke and North Carolina twice. Georgia Tech also plays Florida State, Clemson and Wake Forest twice. Georgia Tech easily has the toughest schedule of any ACC team, so it’s hard to see how the Yellow Jackets won’t have one of the best power-ratings in the league.

Yes. Though that sort of assumes you actually play well in the games you’ve scheduled. A tough schedule–with a piss poor point differential–ain’t enough to get you to the dance in itself.

Of course, the Jackets should win some games, perhaps quote a few, but who the hell knows if they will?

Hewitt has said from the outset of the season that the Yellow Jackets can compete for the ACC title.

I’ve seen a lot of talk from Hewitt in my day, though rarely has it meant much.

No one is living in fear of playing Duke or anyone else in the league.

“I think it’s wide open — everybody has some sort of flaw,” Hewitt said.

Well, I’m not so sure. As it stands, Duke owns the 5th highest AdjD/Rnk and highest AdjO/Rnk in NCAAMBB. They’re probably a good bit better than the Jackets.

Hewitt isn’t in much position to be speaking like this, really, and could certainly benefit from a nice dose of humility, all things considered.


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