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Davis: Hewitt is feeling this big stretch up coming

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Ken Davis of published a Q&A last night.  The first question and, appropriately, the title deals with Georgia Tech: Do Tech a favor, Derrick — be more assertive |

The pertinent quotes:

Q: What do you think of Georgia Tech? Has Derrick Favors turned the Jackets back into a Final Four contender, or should I just wait for Paul Hewitt to botch it up in ACC play again?
— Reggie Ray, Atlanta

A: Reggie, at first glance I thought you were being a little harsh on coach Hewitt and the Yellow Jackets. Georgia Tech went into Tuesday night with two losses. But they came out of Tuesday night with a third loss, a very bad loss that will turn up the heat on Hewitt no doubt.


Tech should be the third best team in the ACC behind Duke and North Carolina, with a chance to vault over the Tar Heels. But the Yellow Jackets already have one ACC loss (to Florida State) and jump into conference play with a home game against Duke, followed by road games at Virginia and UNC. This is a big stretch ahead — and you can be sure Hewitt feels it.

Nothing there I disagree with.  At Georgia Tech, no matter the sport, when you lose to Georgia, you feel the heat turned up a bit.  Whether this is fair or not is debatable, but reality and equality aren’t necessarily mutually inclusive concepts.


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