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Schultz: Radakovich is confident in Hewitt

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Radakovich on Hewitt, Jackets: ‘We’re moving forward’ |

In his latest column, the Jeff Schultz summarizes the opinion of the average Georgia Tech Hoops fan in a cliche-ridden, simple minded, one-liner:

“[Tech] played a really bad game against a really bad team, and Paul Hewitt is the gum on the bottom of the ACC’s shoe.”

He then goes on to urge everyone to be patient, citing the team’s 11-3 record and (Georgia Tech Athletic Director) Dan Radakovich’s endorsement of Hewitt.  An example of the latter:

As for whether Hewitt’s job is on the line, athletic director Dan Radakovich tried to refrain from giving his coach the dreaded public vote of confidence, saying: “I don’t think Paul needs a public vote of confidence. We’re one game into the ACC season with 15 games left. We’re moving forward as a team, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we continue to progress.”

But he still has confidence in Hewitt?

“Absolutely. We still have a great opportunity to have the kind of season Paul and his team want.”

First of all, I’ve seen the way PR works in sports and to expect anything other than this sort of thing from Dan Radakovich would be naive.  Therefore, his words should be taken exactly as seriously as the Academy Awards (that’s not at all………)

Secondly, Radakovich doesn’t really say anything.  I know, he says something, but it doesn’t mean anything.  Citing Radakovich’s words as evidence of anything is folly.

Schultz concludes the affable column with the following:

There’s a chance by season’s end that, “Celebrating Excellence,” will come off as a horrible contrast. But at 11-3 and 0-1, isn’t it a little bit early?

Schultz is paid to entertain people, not to pass along relevant pieces of information.  The malcontent with Hewitt has much less to do with his 11-3 record this season and much more to do with his entire body of work, which has never been as good as a) advertised or b) expectations.  Failure to recognize this is a rather large sign of incompetence on Schultz’s part.  Though, like I said, he’s paid to entertain, not to have a relevant opinion, so I’ll give him a pass.

Not much different from the previous quote is this peevish one, that really exemplifies why Schultz pisses people off:

Notwithstanding the embarrassment of the loss to Georgia, the level of vitriol following one loss — especially for a team that is 11-3 and has played only one conference game (a loss to Florida State) — is staggering.

As Mark Bradley pointed out in one of his columns the other day, Paul Hewitt has played against three University of Georgia coaches and failed to accumulate a winning record against any of them.  The fans have every right to be bitter, so get off your high horse, Schultz.


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