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There has been a lot of bad sports journalism in the past week or so.  I intend to get caught up and post some commentary here.  In the mean time, a little bit on the past three games:

Here’s a table, courtesy of Kenpom efficiency charts.  It includes the rate standings and the game final scores vs. the Jackets for their past three opponents (plus the Jackets’ rate standings at the bottom, for reference).  Here goes:

Team AdjO Rk AdjD Rk Overall GT Opponent
Georgia 107 124 101 66 73
Duke 1 6 1 71 67
Virginia 20 119 55 75 82
Georgia Tech 71 18 26

The Jackets hold the best offense in the country to 67 points, sandwiched between allowing the 20th best offense in the country to score 82 and the 107th best offense in the country to score 73.

The Jackets score 71 against the 6th best defense in the country, sandwiched scoring 75 against the 119th best defense in the country and scoring 66 against the 124th best defense in the country.

Something doesn’t add up.

The truth is probably some where in the middle.  Still, this is why people are pissed off at Paul Hewitt, no matter how much of this sort of thing is really his fault.


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