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Commenting Policy

Rule number 1: Stupidity won’t be tolerated.

I want to keep the nature of the discussions mature, respectful, and relevant. The following will not be allowed:

  • Personal attacks directed towards me, other commenters, players, front-office personnel, journalists, or any basketball personnel in general.  Please not the difference between professional criticism and a personal attack.  If you’re incapable of discerning, you best not comment.
  • Immature posts. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are required. I realize we’re on the internet, but please try to refrain from using text-message or instant-messenger type abbreviations other than the occasional “LOL”.
  • Extremely Foul language. I’m not the FCC, but keep in mind 12 year old children could be reading this site.  If you can’t say it on HBO, don’t say it.
  • Spam or link-posting.  Don’t do it.  Additionally, if you have a website of your own, please utilize the “URL” box when filling out a comment form or on your profile page after registration rather than posting a URL to your site at the end of your comment.  This makes your name “clickable” and directs those who click on it to your website.  I’ll try my best to read your site and return the favor of a comment.
  • Impolite comments in general.
  • Anything that I’d deem bad for my business.
  • Posts that are intended to generate any of the above.

Just remember, keep it mature and respectful. It’s fine to disagree, everyone has their opinion, but please respect the commenting policy and if you do disagree, please do so politely.

A quick and dirty guide to formatting comments can be found here.

I delete comments on a whim.  I don’t care.  I’m not here to cater to your feelings and self expression.

Please don’t bitch about censorship, either.  Censorship is the action of government, which I am not.  Free speech doesn’t exist here.  Deal with it or piss off.


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